“I’ve suffered with low-back pain for 25 years and it had become very difficult for me to walk at times or climb stairs. I’ve always been a fan of chiropractic care and I have had regular adjustments for 30 years, however, the other chiropractors I have seen all these years use the other methods of adjustments, which always hurt me. The Activator method used by Dr. Strouf and Dr. Zabel has much improved my quality of life, leaving me pain-free for the first time in many years.”

Laurie D.


“I had been using Chiropractic for relief for about 15 years in another city.  When I moved to Kansas City, I couldn’t find a chiropractor I liked until I met Dr. Strouf.  I have been suffering from neck pain for over 20 years.  I used to cross-train and bowl but it had gotten to the point that I couldn’t do either very comfortably.  I met Dr. Strouf at Paws in the Park and she actually treated my dog first!  She helped me actually be able to go back into running, and I have also bowled without any pain.”

Mary B.


“My major complaint was severe lower back pain, and I have on leg shorter than the other since I was 13 years old.  I had been previously treated with bone and joint manipulation and pain medication.  I was referred to Dr. Strouf by my son.  After being treated by Dr. Strouf, I now sleep all night with no pain medication.  My clothes hang straight, and I walk without pain.”

Fern T.


“I have had severe back pain for the last 22 years and I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis), so it was always a constant battle for me with the lower back pain and hip pain along with MS pain and fatigue. I have tried numerous physical therapies, none which had helped, so I just lived with the pain daily. I was out of town visiting my Brother in law and he asked me to see an Activator in Warsaw, MO. I went and was totally amazed by the procedure and was told to follow up with an Activator in Kansas City, MO. I went online and found Dr. Strouf. She has truly been a blessing for me. I have been seeing her regularly now and I have not felt better since I was a teenager – ‘Pain Free.’ She has truly shown me that no one should have to live with day to day pain. Thank you.”

Cindy N.


“Prior to seeing Dr. Strouf I had shoulder pain radiating down my arm for 2 months.  Two epiderals were not successful, nor was physical therapy.  I had been suffering from this condition because of 2 months sleeping on the couch, and had constant pain in my right arm.  Being right handed, it was very difficult to work on the computer.  I heard about Dr. Strouf from a co-worker.  After about 10 treatments, the pain level is now a 1 to 2.  Sometimes I am pain free, and don’t notice it until it comes back!”

Marilyn L.


“Arthur, our Standard Poodle, is number ‘1’ in our home and his favorite activity is Flyball.  Our Flyball Club recently travelled to Kansas City for a tournament at the KC Pet Expo.  The first heat of the first race, he got his ball from the box and came back over the jumps holding his back left leg up.  Within a couple minutes, he was walking gingerly on all four feet.  I think it hurt me more than him!  I went in search of help to find help to check out his injury and luckily found Dr. Strouf in her booth at the Pet Expo.  She checked Arthur over very thoroughly and assessed and treated his injury.  He’s doing much better now and my only regret is that Dr. Strouf doesn’t have her office in the Omaha area!  I took Arthur to see Dr. Simmons yesterday. His back was just a little tender and the muscle in his hind leg needs a couple weeks of rest and she put him on MSM.  Over all, he’s doing so much better but I am holding him out of our next tournament to be sure he has the time and rest that he needs.  I can’t thank you enough for caring for Arthur last weekend.  I’ve attached a picture of him in action when he is running full steam!”

Jane S. 


“Our family can not thank you enough for saving our dog “Rocket’s” life.  When our veterinarian diagnosed him with Dysautonomia, we were given little hope that he would survive more than 10-14 days.  We could not bear to let the disease run its course.  Rocket is only  1 1/2 years old and a part of our family.  Since Dysautonomia is a disease of the nervous system, I just knew you could help him with chiropractic care.  He was suffering and losing weight quickly, he had lost several reflexes making it difficult for him to eat and it gave him diarrhea.  It has been amazing to see his symptoms resolve and to watch his health be restored. With your treatments, he appears to have made a full recovery and it has been over 3 months since he was first diagnosed!  He has gained weight and has returned to his happy and active self.  I would be very willing to tell anyone about our experience with this disease, chiropractic care, and about the wonderful care you provided to Rocket. Thank you again for saving Rocket!” 

Dr. Merritt

Cleared sinuses

Who would have thought that little gadget they use could clear my sinuses!  But it did.  I’m amazed and now don’t have to take my allergy medicine near as often!

The best part about my visits to see these fine doctors is they don’t manipulate my body back together–it’s all done with that little gadget!



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